Weekly Newsletter: Otter News

Jeffco Virtual Academy LogoFamilies will receive a news update via email every Monday morning during the school year.  School Messenger sends communications out to the information parents/guardians provide in their Jeffco Connect account.  If you are not receiving our school communications, please check your account to make sure your information is accurate.  If you are unsure of how to log into your account, contact our main office at (303) 992-6770.

Good Morning,

Can you believe we're in the final two weeks of the 2017/2018 school year?!  While our full-time 6th graders enjoy their week at Windy Peak for Outdoor Lab, the rest of the school is working to complete all final coursework.  It's time to end the school year strong and we're here to help!  Pay close attention in your classes to understand what is due and when.  In the news, you'll find all school related deadlines.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  

In this week's Otter News:

  • Year End Countdown
  • End of Year Picnic
  • Outdoor Lab Week
  • JVA Summer School 2017/2018 - Application open until May 31st
  • Returning Loaner Devices
  • Become a Member of the JVA Chapter of NHS
  • Senior Graduation Stuff - 16 Days Until Graduation! 
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - May 14, 2018

Good Morning, 

We're in the final stretch of the school year, folks!  In fact, our part-time seniors are done this Friday - how time flies!  Our Otter News is just as important as ever.  We're here for you during this busy time.  Reach out if you need anything! 

In this week's Otter News:

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Last Chance to Schedule On Campus Appointments
  • The End of State Testing!
  • Final SAC Meeting for 2017/2018
  • Become a Member of the JVA Chapter of NHS
  • Year End Dates!
  • JVA Summer School
  • Senior Graduation Stuff
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - May 7, 2018

Good morning JVA Families,

Did you know there are only 4 weeks left in the school year?  I’m sure your student knows the last day of school is May 24th.  Let’s finish this year strong!

In this week’s edition of the Otter News:

  • Schedule on campus appointment with teachers and finish strong!
  • Final MAPS testing dates. This final test will give us immediate feedback and data about the growth students have made this year.
  • Graduation Update: There are only 30 days until the ceremony!
  • Counseling Corner:  May 4 is College Gear Day.  Wear your favorite college apparel.

Have a wonderful week!

Good Morning, 

We have a busy, but yet fun week ahead of us!  We're finishing testing makeups, taking a field trip to Coors Field and our long awaited Butterfly Ball is nearly here.  With about a month left of the school year, let's make the most of it!  

In this week's Otter News:

  • It's Time to Dance
  • Schedule On Campus Appointments
  • If you missed a CMAS Test, Please Read!
  • No School April 26th
  • Weather & Science Day at Coors Field
  • Senior Graduation Stuff - Warning: deadlines fast approaching!
  • Jeffco Sheriff's Parent Technology Safety Night
  • Save the Date Events
  • Counseling Corner 

Otter News - April 23, 2018

Good Morning,

Times are exciting at JVA!  Between the upcoming Butterfly Ball, Weather and Science Day at Coors Field, nearing the end of spring testing and graduation being just around the corner, you can feel a motivating buzz in the air.  Open this week's Otter News to see the details and be part of the greatness!

In this week's news:

  • Congrats to Jared Kovacs!
  • Schedule On Campus Appointments
  • High School CMAS Makeup Days
  • Join JVA for the Butterfly Ball (High School Students - Deadline April 20)
  • We're Almost Done! Middle School State Testing
  • Weather and Science Day at Coors Field
  • Class of 2018 Graduation Information (New April Update included)
  • Jeffco Student Health Advisory Council
  • Save the Date Events
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - April 16, 2018

Good Morning! 

We are very excited to announce that our High School Spring Dance has been saved!  We had such a positive response from our community and partners that we're still able to offer this significant high school experience to our students.  We're absolutely thrilled and very grateful to our JVA families, community members and the Butterfly Pavilion for their support in making this happen. 

It's also testing week at JVA!  Our full-time high school students who are required to test should have RSVP'd for the testing time they'll come to campus for. this week.  If you have any questions about your student's testing needs, please let us know.  There are no on-campus appointments with teachers this week due to testing. 

Otter News Highlights: 

  • High School State Testing this Week
  • Schedule On-Campus Appointments
  • The JVA Otters Will Keep On Dancing! 
  • Middle School State Testing
  • Weather & Science Day at Coors Field - Deadline Extended to Tuesday, April 10th
  • Community Wellness Fair April 28
  • Senior Graduation Stuff
  • Save the Date Events
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - April 9, 2018

Welcome Back from Spring Break - There are only 7 weeks of the school year left and we're going to make the most of it! 

April's schedule has been adjusted for State Testing.  If you are a full-time 6-11th grade family at JVA, then we're planning on seeing your student soon.  If you haven't RSVP'd for your testing session yet, please do so as soon as possible.  We're trying to reach you! 

You'll also see in the news that our High School Spring Dance is at risk of being canceled due to a funding technicality.  In order to still provide this incredible experience for our students, we need help from our JVA community.  Student Government has figured out a way to save the dance if we can raise $600.  Please read the details in the news and help us spread the word.  The dance is planned for Thursday, April 26th at the Butterfly Pavilion.  The announcement on if the dance is saved will be made next week. 

In this week's Otter News:

  • Schedule On Campus Appointments
  • Help Support the JVA High School Spring Dance
  • Middle School State Testing Continues this Wednesday
  • High School State Testing Next Week
  • Weather & Science Day at Coors Field
  • SCREENAGERS Viewing: Growing Up in the Digital Age
  • Community Wellness Fair
  • Senior Graduation Stuff
  • Save the Date Events
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - April 2, 2018

Good Morning Jeffco Virtual, 

Spring Break is next week!  Classes will remain available, but students are not expected to log in or submit work.  Though this can be a useful time for many students to get some extra work done, we hope families are able to enjoy some fun and relaxation!

Important State Testing Reminders~ 

  • Full-time 6-11th graders, if you haven't RSVP'd for your state testing session yet, do so before the end of the day today.  
  • Middle School families, remember this Wednesday is an extended on-campus day from 8:45 am - 3:15 pm. 

Also in this week's Otter News:

  • Schedule On-Campus Appointments for the week of April 2-6
  • JVA Career Panel Tomorrow!
  • Middle School State Testing Starts this Wednesday
  • RSVP Requested: High School State Testing!
  • School Panel Safety Discussion Tomorrow
  • Weather & Science Day at Coors Field - Permission Slip Deadline: April 6th 
  • JVA National Honor's Society Project Benefiting the Denver Dumb Friends League
  • Jeffco Public Schools Community Nights
  • Camp Ember Opportunity
  • Senior Graduation Stuff
  • Save the Date Events
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - March 19, 2018

JVA Families, 

The deadline for 2018-2019 Registration is this Friday, March 16!  Make sure you submit your requests properly and don't forget to check out our new course offerings.  Full-time students, make sure you also carefully read the information about testing and sign up as requested. 

There's excitement in the air with Spring Break just around the corner.  Now is a great time for families to use that positive energy to get involved in the fun things happening at JVA.  Open the link below to see everything we currently have to offer.  Have a good week! 

Highlights from this week's news:

  • Don't Be Left Behind! Select Your Courses for Next Year
  • Schedule On Campus Appointments
  • RSVP Requested: High School State Testing
  • RSVP Requested: Middle School State Testing
  • 2018-2019 JVA Registration: Deadline March 16!
  • Make a Difference...Flip this School
  • JVA National Honor Society's Service Project Benefittng the Denver Dumb Friends League
  • School Safety Panel Discussion
  • Camp Ember
  • Senior Graduation Stuff
  • Save the Date Events
  • Counseling Corner 

Otter News - March 12, 2018

Happy Windy Monday, 

March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb!  After this beautiful weekend, it seems March doesn’t know that.  March is a lion-of-a-month at JVA with lots of activities and Spring Break.  Open up the link below to see details and more.

In this week's Otter News:

  • School Safety Panel Discussion with Dr. Glass
  • State Testing Dates and Times
  • Middle School RSVP for Testing Dates
  • 2018/2019 Course Registration for Returning Students
  • National Honor Society Service Project Benefitting the Denver Dumb Friends League
  • Life After High School College and Career Fair
  • Jeffco Public Schools Health Services Newsletter
  • 2018 March Graduation Update
  • On Campus Teacher Appointments
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - March 5, 2018

Hello JVA Families, 

We're officially entering the 2018-2019 registration season!  All current JVA families will receive a detailed email on Wednesday with information on how to request courses for next school year.  If you know a family who would be interested in joining Jeffco's online option, please let them know that the applications for new 2018-2019 enrollment will open on our website ( on March 1. 

Have a wonderful week!

In this week's Otter News:

  • Do You Know a Firefighter?
  • 2018-2019 JVA Registration
  • On-Campus Day Teacher Appointments
  • State Testing Days and Times
  • Life After High School College & Career Fair
  • Senior Graduation Stuff
  • JVA National Honor Society Project
  • Save the Date Events
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - February 26, 2018

Happy Tuesday,

We hope everyone enjoyed a 3-day weekend!  We have Parent Teacher Conferences on Thursday night in the gym at Glennon Heights Elementary School from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.  Though you can reach out to speak with staff members anytime, this will be our only face to face conference opportunity this semester.  We’re also going to have spirit wear available in children’s sizes available for free!

The Make Your Voice Heard Survey window closes on Friday and we know there are many students who we have yet to hear from.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to tell us how our district and school can support you best.  

Highlights from this week’s Otter News:

  •        On-Campus Day Teacher Appointments
  •        State Tournament Wrestlers!
  •        Spring Parent Teacher Conferences
  •        Make Your Voice Heard Survey – Closes this Friday, February 23rd
  •        Spring Break 2018
  •        State Testing Dates and Times
  •        Senior Graduation Stuff
  •        Save the Date Events
  •        Youth Leadership Jefferson County Opportunity
  •        Counseling Corner

Otter News - February 20, 2018

Happy Monday, 

Congratulations to Eagles fans for celebrating their first Super Bowl win yesterday!  It was an exciting game. 

Exciting times are ahead for JVA as well!  This is National School Counselor Week, the first Graduation Update is now available and we're touring Hammond's Candy Factory on the 15th.  Open up the link below to see details and more.

In this week's Otter News:

  • National School Counselor Week
  • 2018 Graduation Update
  • On Campus Teacher Appointments
  • February Fun Event: Hammond's Candy Factory
  • Spring Parent  Teacher Conferences
  • Attention Full-Time Juniors: SAT Test RSVP needed by February 9, 2018
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - February 5, 2018

Good Morning, 

Second semester is now well under way!  Don't miss out on the academic and social opportunities coming up at JVA.  The Otter News will always include this these important details and more. 

Remember, JVA will be closed this Friday, February 2nd.  Our school is collaboratively coming together with other alternative and option schools in the district to attend the first Jeffco Alternative Education Conference.  We are looking forward to this wonderful opportunity!  Classes will remain available in Schoology, but there will be no classes, meetings or appointments that day. 

In this week's Otter News:

  • JVA will be closed Friday, February 2
  • We had a great time at JumpStreet!
  • On Campus Days
  • Student Government Wall
  • Interest Meeting: Outdoor Lab High School Leaders
  • Attention Full-Time Juniors: Registering with College Board for the SAT and the Optional Essay
  • JVA Virtual High Five
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - January 29, 2018

Happy Snowy Monday! 

Once again, the Otter News is packed with important information for all JVA families.  Please take time to go through the information to make sure you don't miss anything that pertains to you or your student.  We hope that everyone is able to stay safe and warm today.

Highlights from Otter News:

  • On Campus Days Reminder
  • UPDATE: No JVA Make Your Voice Heard on Campus This Week
  • January Fun Event at JumpStreet - Reminder for all who RSVP'd by last Thursday
  • Attention Full-Time Juniors! Registering with College Board for the SAT and the Optional Essay - Deadline: February 14th!
  • High School Leaders Needed for Outdoor Lab with JVA
  • School Accountability Committee (SAC) Meeting Update
  • Change to Family Calendar
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - January 22, 2018

Good morning, 

We hope you all had a great 3-day weekend!  We're very sorry for any inconvenience caused by Schoology being down these past few days.  Schoology is up and running again today and we're glad to be back in action.  Please read through this week's Otter News and let us know if we can help with anything as we get settled into 2nd semester. 

Highlights from the Otter News:

  • On Campus Days Start this Week
  • Change to Family Calendar
  • Shout Out to Academic Achievement 1st Semester
  • January Fun Event at Jumpstreet - Deadline to RSVP is this Thursday!
  • High School Leaders Needed for Outdoor Lab with JVA
  • Counseling Corner including policy for adding/dropping courses

Otter News - January 16th, 2018

2nd Semester Starts Today! 

Whether you're new to JVA or returning for another semester, we wish you a very warm welcome!  It is important that students log into Jeffco Schoology today to access their online classes.  The teachers are ready for you!  If you were recently scheduled, it may take a couple of days for your courses to appear.  Don't worry about the delay, but if you still can't see your classes on Wednesday, contact your teacher or counselor.

For our new families, you can expect to receive an Otter News email like this every Monday morning so you're always in the loop with what's going on at JVA.  It's important to us that students and families have opportunities to interact and become as involved as they wish.  Our next event is at JumpStreet in Lakewood on January 25th.  Please consider joining us!

All important information is included in the Otter News which you can always find a link to on the homepage of our website as well (  Here are the highlights from this week's Otter News:

  • Welcome Back!
  • 2nd Semester Schedules Available in Family Portal
  • Change to Family Calendar - Recently Added: No School and Offices Closed on February 2nd
  • Hurray for Snow Days!
  • January Fun Event at JumpStreet - deadline to RSVP is January 18th
  • Make Your Voice Heard Survey
  • SAT Save the Date for Full-Time 11th Graders
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - January 8th, 2018 (Open this link!)

Happy Monday!

This week is short--three days of working hard and taking finals. This week's Otter News is short too!  Be sure to check out the pictures of our fun event and important information about 2nd Semester Schedules.  Have a wonderful holiday break and we'll see you on January 8, 2018.

Week of December 18-20:

  • No on-campus days this week.
  • All late and current work is due December 19 by 3:00 pm in every class.  
  • Even if you are finished with the coursework in a class, you MUST continue to log in for attendance through December 20th!

Otter News - December 18, 2017

Good morning, 

There are only 8 school days until Winter Break!  Pay close attention to all upcoming deadlines listed in the Otter News and Schoology.  Write them in your planner, set reminders in your phone or print them out.  Whatever the case, don't miss out on getting your work and finals submitted on time.  We're also looking forward to the December Fun Event at our school on Wednesday.  It's a special time of year to spend time with people you care about which is why spending time with our families this week is important to us.  If we can help with anything as 1st semester winds down, please let us know!

Highlights from the Otter News:

  • Schedule for the rest of 1st Semester
  • The Principal Blog
  • MAPs Testing Make-Ups: December 11th and 14th 
  • December Fun Event Reminder
  • SAT Save the Date: Full-Time 11th Grade
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - December 11, 2017

Good morning families,

There are only 13 days of 1st semester left!  Make sure you stay on top all the fun and important dates that are quickly approaching. 

In this week's Otter News:

  • Sign up for face to face help on campus
  • The Principal Blog
  • Last Week of MAPs Testing
  • December Fun Event: Holiday Gift and Card Making - deadline to RSVP is this Wednesday, December 6th
  • Save the date for spring SAT testing - for full-time 11th grade students only
  • National Honor Society Induction Ceremony - Welcome and congratulations to our new members!
  • Senior Profile: SeMee Weber
  • Congratulations to Adi and Carter Malcolm - Motocross Superstars!
  • Counseling Corner including volunteer and scholarship opportunities as well as 2nd semester schedules and credit recovery information

Otter News - December 4, 2017

We have also opened the 2nd semester applications for the programs that have room for new enrollment.  Current students do not need to reapply, but if you know someone who would like to take online classes with us, please let them know that more information is available on our website,

Welcome Back!  We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing break.  This week's News is full of things you otter know for the fast-approaching end of the semester.  

  • Student Resources for Success at JVA
  • Required MAPS Testing
  • School Accountability Committee Meeting this Friday at 8:30 am.

Here's the link to the full version of the Otter News: 

 Otter News - November 27, 2017

Enjoy your week and let us know if we can help with anything!

Happy Monday!

Families have the opportunity to join our Principal, Bernie Hohman, tomorrow night for a virtual meeting to discuss the district's new vision called Jeffco Generations.  Be sure to open the link to the Otter News below for more information on how to join.  Also, there is no school next week for Thanksgiving Break.  Students can still access coursework and may find that this is a great chance to get some extra work done.  We are very grateful for our families and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! 

In this week's Otter News:

  • The Principal Blog: Reflection is a Key to Meaningful, Lasting Learning
  • Sign up for Teacher Appointments: These will be for the week of 11/27
  • Virtual Meeting with the Principal: Jeffco Generations - Tuesday, November 14th 7:00 - 8:00 pm 
  • MAPS Testing: Round 2 - All full-time 9th-10th graders and 11th - 12th graders currently taking Algebra I or Geometry must sign up
  • Kid Safe Online Poster Contest
  • Congratulations to Student Athletes on Signing Day!
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - November 13, 2017

Good morning JVA,

In this week’s Otter News, you’ll see a reminder about high school students signing up to come to campus to meet with teachers on Mondays and Thursdays.  If your student hasn’t signed up yet and plans to come in this week, whether because of a requirement or not, please do so as soon as possible.  This is a new step that will benefit both teachers and students since teachers will be able to plan ahead for each student.

Also, please note that the RSVP and admission cost for our November Fun Event at the Green Mountain Brunswick is due this Thursday.  We always look forward to our yearly bowling event and hope to award some of you with a prize for bowling a turkey!  That’s 3 strikes in a row, not an actual turkey. J

Here are the highlights from this week’s news:

  • Sign Up for Face-to-Face Time with High School Teachers This Week!
  • The Principal Blog: Reflection is a Key to Meaningful, Lasting Learning
  • November Fun Event: Turkey Bowling - RSVP & admission cost due this Thursday
  • New Electives Survey
  • JVA Senior Profile: Dash Raynes
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News – November 6, 2017

Good morning, 

In this week's Otter News, you'll see a new sign up form is required for high school students who plan to come to campus on Mondays and Thursdays to meet with their teachers.  This new process will allow teachers to prepare so their time with students can be more productive and individualized.  Both required and non-required students need to sign up before coming in for on-campus help, starting next week.  Let us know if you have any questions and thank you for helping us implement this new and important routine. 

We wish everyone a happy and safe Halloween!  We had a wonderful time playing games and mingling with all who came to our Halloween Party last week.  Congratulations again to our costume contest winners.  

Otter News - October 30, 2017

Good morning!

Here is this week's Otter News.  If you find yourself on campus, be sure to check out the spooky decor our middle school teams designed.  Their 'Halloween Wars' project has been exciting to watch come together.  Those of you who have RSVP'd to come to our Halloween Party on Thursday are in for quite a treat and we're looking forward to seeing you.  Have a wonderful week!

  • JVA Halloween Party
  • Student Election - This Week!
  • Juniors and Seniors - Outdoor Lab Spring 2018 Intern Recruitment
  • Jeffco Library Book Sale
  • JVA Senior Profile: Tabi Daniels
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - October 23, 2017

Happy Monday!  We hope you enjoyed the three-day weekend and the beautiful weather.  Be sure to read this week's Otter News for information on the following:

  • JVA Student Election
  • JVA Halloween Party:  RSVPs are due this week
  • Senior Profile:  Gabriel Carpenter
  • Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age
  • Whale of a Used Book Sale

Otter News - October 16, 2017

Have a productive week!

Happy Snowy Monday!

All of this snow won't stop us from having a great time at Parent Teacher Conferences tonight.  More details about PT Conferences and other happenings this week are included in the Otter News:

  • Parent Climate Survey: now!
  • JVA Halloween Party:  October 26
  • Student Volunteer Opportunity
  • Trusted Adult Survey for Students
  • Student Government Elections
  • Fall Break:  October 13
  • Resources for the Tragedy in Las Vegas
  • Senior Profile: Madison Fox
  • Counseling Corner

Have a wonderful 4-Day Week!

Otter News - October 9, 2017

Happy October, JVA Families!


We have many great things coming up this month including Parent Teacher Conferences, Club Launch, Student Elections, Fall Break and our Halloween Party.  Make sure you open up this week’s news so you can plan to make the best of all that October has to offer. 

Importantly, today is October Count meaning it’s imperative that we have all students log into each of their online classes today for attendance and to complete the day’s assignment.  The amount of students who are counted present today will determine our funding, so please make this a priority!   More details can be found in the news.

In this week’s news:

  • Student Count Day is Today
  • Principal’s Blog: Setting and Keeping Good Habits
  • Attendance Update from our Assistant Principal
  • 6 -Week Grades and Fall Parent Teacher Conferences
  • JVA Student Election
  • “Many Voices” Event with Dr. Glass
  • Club Launch
  • Save the Date: JVA Halloween Party!
  • School Pictures Available in Main Office
  • Fall Break
  • What Field Trips and Events do YOU Want to See at JVA?
  • Jeffco University: A New Citizens' Academy
  • JVA Senior Profile: Elaine Orr
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - October 2, 2017

In this week's Otter News:

  • The required field trip to the Career Expo for full time 10th graders is tomorrow.
  • 6-Week Grades will be posted this Friday, September 28.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for October 9 and 10.
  • A new Citizen's Academy for Jeffco Public Schools.
  • New Scholarship opportunities.

As always, please contact your community liaison, counselor or teachers with questions and comments.  Have a wonderful week!

Otter News - September 26, 2017

Good morning families, 


Here is the link to this week's Otter News.  We're looking forward to seeing families at our first Monthly Fun Event this Friday for a kickball game.  Have a great week! 

Otter News Highlights:

  • What is a PLN and why do I need one? - Principal's Blog  
  • Monthly Fun Event: Kickball Game 
  • Current Event Club
  • Emergency Situations at School
  • "Many Voices" Event with Dr. Glass
  • JVA Senior Profile: Sheridyn Googins
  • Counseling Corner

Otter News - September 18 2017

Good morning JVA families,

This week's Otter News includes very important information about the JVA family, MAP testing as well as upcoming events and opportunities. 

Be sure to read about:

  • Loss of a JVA Staff Member, an important message from our principal
  • MAP Testing This Week, your full-time High School student may need to sign up asap
  • Monthly Fun Event: JVA Kickball, Friday, September 22nd 2:00 - 4:00 pm (RSVP required by this Friday)
  • Student Health Advisory Council, deadline September 15th 
  • Check Out JVA's Student Government, meets virtually on Thursdays at 10:15 am
  • Student Celebration: Nic Kubes
  • Energy Day: Energy Education in the Rockies, September 23rd
  • Mental Health Tips in the Counseling Corner

Otter News - September 11, 2017

Happy Tuesday!  Hope everyone had a relaxing 3-day weekend!  Here's the link to this week's Virtual Academy Otter News.  Be sure to read about:

  • Back to School Night, September 7 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm
  • School Accountability Committee meeting, September 8 from 8:00 to 9:00 am
  • On-Campus Attendance Policy
  • Student Government Meeting, September 7 at 10:00 am online
  • Notification for upcoming MAPS testing
  • The Denver National College Fair in the Counseling Corner.

Have a great week!

Otter News – September 5, 2017  (Open me!)

Happy Monday from  Jeffco's Virtual Academy!

On-Campus time begins this week for our students.  Be sure to read the Otter News to find out when/if you need to be on campus.  Each week, the Otter News is full of what's going on at JVA!  Here's the link:

Otter News - August 28, 2017   (Open me!)

Happy 1st Monday JVA -

Today not only launches our first full week of school, but we also can experience the Great American Solar Eclipse!  Open this week’s Otter News to learn about our upcoming schedule and tips on how to make the next couple of weeks successful.  Enjoy today’s celestial event!

Otter News - August 21, 2017 (Open me!)

Be safe today and let us know if we can help with anything. 

School Starts Tomorrow!

We are incredibly excited to start a new school year!  Open the link below to view the Otter News which provides all the details needed to start the year strong.  Plan on joining us for our Welcome Back Online Assembly at 9:00 am.  Families are also welcome!  The link to join the assembly is included in the Otter News.            

Students, we will ‘see’ you online tomorrow!

Otter News – August 16, 2017  (Open me!)

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