Fast Facts

Who may attend JVA?

  • Students in grades 6-12 
  • Colorado residents younger than 21 years of age
  • Students who will only be enrolled in Jeffco Public Schools

What programs are offered at JVA?

  • Middle School Options (grades 6-8) including Full-Time, Part-time and Gifted & Talented
  • High School Options (grades 9-12) including Full-Time, Part-Time, TAG, Credit Advancement and Credit Recovery
  • School Group Enrollments (grades 4-12) partnering together to provide students additional class opportunities

What curriculum does JVA follow? 

  • We follow the same Jeffco curriculum as the rest of the public schools in Jeffco.  To view Jeffco's curriculum information, click here.

What classes are offered at JVA? 

How does attendance work at JVA in-person and online? 

2020-2021 Enrollment Update:  All Jeffco Virtual Academy students will be 100% online to start the school year. 
We will develop opportunities for on-campus support based on public health guidelines, but will not require any student in any program to report to campus until further notice.

» In-Person Attendance at JVA: click here for school address

  • TAG students are required to be on campus every Tuesday from 9am-1:30 pm.  For more about our TAG program,click here.
  • Full-Time Middle School students are required to be on campus every Wednesday from 9am-2pm.  For more about our full-time middle school program, click here.
  • High School students have the option to come to campus every Thursday from 9am-12pm.  For more about our traditional high school program, click here.  High School students in the traditional program have optional, and possibly required*, time on campus.

» Online Attendance:

  • All students are required to demonstrate weekly attendance in all classes.  Teachers take attendance once a week on Thursdays and enter present or absent for the previous five school days
  • The JVA attendance policy requires that you make regular process in your online content.  Teachers take attendance each Thursday for the previous week (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  There are two ways to be counted present in the course:
    • If you have a C or better (70% or higher) in class, you will be counted present for the past five days.
    • If your course average is less than a 70% but you’ve submitted at least two quality assignments in the last week (assignment, quiz, or discussion), you will be counted present for the past five days.
  • If neither of those things is true, then you will be counted absent for the past five days.  Attendance is all or nothing so you are either present for the entire week or absent for the entire week.  Be very careful to show regular progress in class and maintain a C or better.

The attendance period is from 12 am Thursday until 11:59 pm Wednesday. 

To view more about our Attendance Expectations, click here

How do I apply?

How are students approved for enrollment?

  • All applicants must meet the requirements listed above under, Who may attend JVA?
  • Students with an IEP or other special needs, will be reviewed by our Learning Specialists and School Psychologist to make sure we can meet accommodations in our online setting
  • Applicants from outside of Jeffco Public Schools may need to provide records prior to approval

When do I find out if I was approved?

  • We work as a team to get students approved as quickly as possible
  • If anything more is needed, you will be contacted
  • Once approved, your Community Liaison will send the enrollment steps needed via email

How do JVA credits look on my transcript?

  • We're just like any other Jeffco Public School, so credits earned from JVA will be listed on the Jeffco transcripts - all Jeffco credits are listed on one document by school

Can I graduate with JVA?
  • Yes!  Graduation is held in the auditorium at Bear Creek High School
  • We personalize our ceremony with a senior slideshow
  • The ceremony lasts about an hour
  • No tickets issued for guests
  • Brief reception to follow

Can I earn college credit at JVA? 

  • Yes!  We offer the following options: (see our High School Course Catalog for more details)
    • Advanced Placement (AP) Courses give students the opportunity to do college level work in their high school course to help prepare them for college
    • Concurrent Enrollment  allows high school students in grades 9-12 to enroll in college-level courses while still in high school for FREE - courses are taught by JVA teachers who are also adjunct teachers with Red Rocks Community College (RRCC)
    • Dual Enrollment allows students to take a college level class either at their high school or on a local college campus
    • We also have LEAP Workshops that can count towards credit. Keep an eye on the Otter News for opportunities. 

Is there bus transportation to JVA? 

  • Jeffco does not offer bus transportation to JVA 

How can my online student socialize with peers?

  • We offer events and field trips throughout the school year inviting all JVA families to join
  • Discussion Boards and projects in classes
  • High School opportunities include LEAP Workshops and mentoring
  • Student Organizations: National Honor Society and Student Council

How much does it cost to attend JVA?

  • As a public school, we are tuition free with the exception of our Credit Recovery and Credit Advancement programs
    • Credit Recovery costs are approximately $20 during Fall and Spring Semesters and $165 per course during the summer
    • Credit Advancement costs $165 per course during the summer
  • We only have one fee and it applies to our full-time families only - per the district
    • 9th graders - $50 (in January, our 9th graders will be provided a touchscreen iPad or Chromebook as part of the 1:1 Technology for Education program thus increasing their technology fee this year)
    • Everyone else - $25

What school supplies does a JVA student need? 

How can families get involved?
  • Attend Fall & Spring Conferences, Back to School Night, Family Nights, etc. 
  • Join our School Accountability Committee (SAC)
  • Families are never expected to teach, but we encourage you to advocate for your student and communicate with them about their academics
  • Become familiar with Schoology, Infinite Campus and Jeffco Connect

How are families supported? 
  • All new students complete an Introduction to JVA tutorial course as an enrollment step
  • We are fully staffed with a Technology Coach, Learning Specialists, School Psychologist, Counselors, TAG Coordinator, Community Liaisons, Administration and office staff
  • Our teachers have a maximum of 150 students to ensure a connection with each student
  • A School Messenger is sent every Monday morning sharing the school newsletter, called the Otter News, to keep families in the loop with the happenings at JVA
  • Resources available on our website,

Does JVA participate in State Testing? 

Yes, all students in Colorado are required to test at their full-time school. Students have to come to JVA to complete the following tests:

  • SAT (grade 11),
  • ACT (grade 11),
  • CMAS (grades 6-8 & 11), and
  • MAP (grades 6-10)
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